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Triple Crown Golf Cars has been serving your golf car needs from the same location for over 27 years and now we have expanded to another location in Frankfort. We started in the back of someone else's warehouse, with enough room for one desk and one golf car at a time. Our business has been built on word of mouth advertising, which is the greatest compliment to our service. We don't have a big marketing budget, nor a big fancy building, which keeps our overhead low, so we can pass along the savings to you, our valued customer. When you come to our service department, you will be treated in a fair, professional, yet friendly manner every time. Our service manager, advisers and technicians are committed to your best interest.

What has always made us different from our competitors is that we take the time and effort to match each customer's purchase or service request to their individual needs and wants. When you are looking to buy a car from us, the sales staff will answer every question you have, will educate you on the pros and cons of each type vehicle, will show you what accessories are available and will make sure you buy the vehicle that is right for you, not the one we want you to have. We don't turn our back on a customer as soon as we have their money in the bank, Triple Crown Golf Cars has the best "after the sale" service anywhere, guaranteed.

We provide golf car sales and service to all of central Kentucky. Our sales include new and used golf cars, utility vehicle and personnel carriers. We can provide you with any golf car related item, up to and including the most specialized equipment.
 Our service department does everything from the most basic repairs to the most involved upgrades and fabrications. We always do our very best to guide you in the right direction for your repairs, we want you to spend your money with us, but only under the proper circumstances.

Team Members

Tony Daniel (Owner/President)  

Kathy Daniel (Owner/VP)​​​​

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